Q: How do I know that I will be the only one in the area with “The Medical Referral System?”

A: Initially we attempted to limit sales per zip code but found it difficult to manage. Outside of Ohio, this is a non-issue. Since each DC purchases the system at different times, months, years, etc, and implements the program at different times, it is extremely unlikely that any letter/research summary will be simultaneously sent to various medical professionals, even is small rural areas/towns. The more DCs who send medical professionals information, the better educated the medical professionals will be in my opinion.

Q: How often should I send out letters?

A: There are two schools of thought on this issue. (1) Letters sent too frequently are treated like junk mail. Therefore, consider sending the letters/research summaries once per month for about six months. After that, consider sending them every 3 months. (2) We are creatures of habit. Therefore, consistency makes sense. Send the letters every month like clockwork. As long as the letters and summaries are kept to one minute at a glance the medical professionals appreciate the information.

Q: How does just sending out letters help me get referrals?

A: We recommend you do more than just send letters by using the complete package of recommendations found in the implementation manual. The combination of letters, research summaries, initial, interim, and discharge summary reports, phone calls, social, civic, and professional activity will get you noticed and help you become the “expert” in your community. The more you do, the better your results.

Remember, your mission is to become the “expert” in your community as it relates to chiropractic, research, and credible health and wellness information. This can be accomplished by implementing consistent activity related to professional relationship development. Interestingly, the majority of your colleagues will simply not take the time required to integrate into the medical community. Most of your colleagues will not take the time to send a simple letter.

Q: How do you develop a database of names?

A: First, read the Implementation manual. It explains exactly how to create a database of medical professional names. Begin with just a few names to get started. You do not need a large database. You simply need to get started, then add names over time.

Q: How much money can this system actually generate?

A: Obviously there are no guarantees. Results vary dependant upon just how much of the system the doctor is able, or willing, to implement. It seems that some areas of the country are harder to penetrate than others, probably due to years of disharmony between the Chiropractic and medical communities. But building professional relationships will never occur unless you initiate the effort. Is the effort worth it? Consider this example:

(A) A typical directory advertisement:

$500/month x 36 months = $18,000

Return on investment: “0”.

Isn’t it true that most patients only use the directory add to find your address and/or phone number, and have already made the decision to consult your office?

Most DCs waste a tremendous amount of limited resources on this form of advertising.

The Medical Referral System

Cost for 1-A Complete: $439

Possible Return on investment: $108,000.

If only three medical professionals begin to refer patients to your office at a rate of only 1 patient per month, and your dollar case average is only $1,000, the referrals would generate $108,000 over the next three years. 3 PCPs x 1 pt/month = 3 pts/month x 36 months = 108 NPs x $1,000/pt = $108,000 .

* Obviously there are no guarantees, but think of the potential! *

* Just imagine if 5 or more PCPs began referring patients to your office, or how the numbers change if they refer one patient per week instead of just one patient per month.*