Attorney Referral System

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The Attorney Referral System™ is an important initiative to educate PI and WC attorneys on issues pertaining to motor vehicle and work trauma, soft tissue healing, chronic pain, chiropractic management, guidelines, and exposing the myths. The Attorney Referral System™ offers a positive and effective opportunity for establishing successful working relationships with attorneys. Included are over two dozen letters and articles/research summaries covering topics such as:


  1. A complete PowerPoint template that you customize to your office and then send to local medical professionals to introduce/educate them about Chiropractic and your office. Recommended text is provided, but can be modified by you.
  2. Implementation Manual to guide you through program implementation so you can improve relationships with attorneys, improve your documentation and case management, thus improve the outcomes for the patients we serve.
  3. Case Study Template/example
  4. Letters/articles
    • #1 Vehicle Damage versus Injury: Is there a correlation?
    • #2 Sneeze Analogy....Is it valid?
    • #3 Bumper Standards.
    • #4 Physician Dependency Article.
    • #5 Litigation Neurosis..Is it real?
    • #6 Mercy…What does it really say about chronic care?
    • #7 Risk Factors-Acute and Chronic with C omplete references.
    • #8 Delayed Onset of Symptoms in Whiplash Injury.
    • #9 Anti-Inflammatory Risks, Safety of Manipulation.
    • #10 CMT-Vioxx-Accupuncture-Chronic pain.
    • #11 CMT-Truck Exercises vs. NSAIDs.
    • #12 Disc Injury-Whiplash-MRI.
    • #13 CMT-Chronic Whiplash (Khan).
    • #14 CMT-Cervical HNP-MRI.
    • #15 CMT-Chronic pain and Chiropractic Management.
    • #16 Soft Tissue Healing; A review of the literature.
    • #17 Croft Whiplash Guidelines
    • #18 Q and A related to soft tissue healing, chronic pain, and spinal manipulation.
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