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I invite you to embark on a rewarding journey to obtain both the Certificates of Achievement and Evidence-based Eagle Trophy on two separate 12-hour learning tracks:

  1. Research and guidelines (12 hours). A portion of all fees will be used to support CCGPP.
  2. Case/practice management (12 hours).

Complete the first 12 learning modules and pass the competency test to receive the Certificate of Achievement.  Complete all 24 modules and pass both competency tests to receive BOTH the Certificate of Achievement and the Evidence-based Eagle Trophy.

While I would encourage you take all 26 modules, you can pick and choose and pay for each individual session as they become available. You can also pre-pay for an entire series at a greatly reduced rate by calling my office:  614-898-0787.

Research/Guidelines Course:

All 45-60 minute classes will explore the contents of relevant papers related to each topic. Once you become familiar with the contents you will possess the knowledge to discuss this important information with your patients and others (ex. Employers), establishing yourself as a confident evidence-based and informed clinician. More important-ly, we will demonstrate how to actually use this information to build stronger and more successful practices. At the end of every module you will know exactly how to implement the research into your daily practice. Our goal is to help you become “THE” resource for accurate evidence-based information in your area.

Case/Practice Management:

This is where research becomes useful and relevant! These classes will teach you how to infuse research into every aspect of clinical case management. Where literature is lacking, we will teach you how to make defensible clinical decisions. Your patients will observe noticeable changes in the delivery of care, especially as it relates to patient education. Patients will feel more confident, and be more willing to refer others as they gain confidence that your clinical recommendations are grounded in literature versus the typical attitude of “it’s just how we’ve always done it”. It’s time to become more current and forward-thinking.


Case Management
Medical Referral System
* New Patient Consultation
* New Patient Examination
* Report of Findings
* Re-examination
* Discharge to Wellness
* Daily Patient Education/Neurology of Chronic Pain
Determining the Site of Care
Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic
Risk Management/The Truth about Stroke

* The “Fundamental Five”, the cornerstone of an evidence-based, systems-driven, referral-based practice.

Other Webinars
Acute and Chronic Care Guidelines
Terminology and Algorithms
Stroke Awareness/Informed Consent/Risk Management
Thoracic spine
Lumbar spine
Upper and Lower Extremities
Special Populations/Wellness
Determining Site of Care
Cervical spine
Chronic Pain-Neurology
Research-Hot Topics
Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic

Additional Webinars



$49 per module | $999 pre-pay for all 26 modules (a savings of $200)