Practice Management

Practice Management/New Patient Programs Membership Options

All Access Membership - $100/month

Self-learning/12-month minimum.
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For $100 per month, members can self-learn, and use as a smorgasbord of information, taking what they want, when they want.

Members have access to:

  • Webinars: 24 module series along with competency test leading to a Certificate of Achievement and the coveted "Evidence-based Eagle trophy."
  • Discounts on live seminars
  • Email communication/support
  • All products for sale on the website for nonmembers, are included on the site at no additional costs to members.
  • 200-question practice analysis questionnaire
  • Detailed practice audit
  • External Marketing Ideas
  • Internal Marketing Ideas
  • Medical Referral System
  • Medical Referral System Marketing Packet
  • Attorney Referral System
  • Bulletin Board Program
  • Post Cards
  • Newspaper column articles
  • Employee handbook
  • Evidence-based Report of findings program
  • Dozens of power point programs for self-education and patient education.
  • CA and DC training PowerPoints
  • Documentation, forms, and other resources
  • Trial Deposition Charts/audios
  • Safety of Chiropractic Video/PP
  • Safety Posters
  • Coding tips
  • Case management tips
  • Business administration tips
  • CA Tips
  • PI Tips
  • WC Tips
  • Research Summaries

All Access Membership plus Private Coaching - $399/month

Current clients are grandfathered in at previous pricing of $200/mo until December 31, 2017.
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For those who truly want help in transforming their practices into solid evidence-based and profitable businesses, it takes time and work, and my time is very involved in that process. This is truly hands-on one-on-one intense coaching. I am going to spend the next year improving the delivery of my information, updating, and organizing the programs into more usable bite-sized chunks. I recognize that I tend to flood people with information. I’m working hard on improving that reality and program weakness.

Members have access to:

  • Everything described above in All Access Membership


  • Phone support when needed/troubleshooting practice issues
  • Bi-monthly 30-minute coaching calls
  • Private confidential phone and email access to Dr. Farabaugh to discuss implementation of the above-mentioned programs and/or any other practice-related or personal issues.
  • Help drafting rebuttals/appeals to denied care