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Thinking about the adage, “Life is change, growth is optional,” led me to create www.CHIROLtd.com.  We wish to help doctors build healthy evidenced-based practices through:

  1. On-site Practice Analysis
  2. Consulting on a short-term basis
  3. Live seminars
  4. Webinars, and Practice Enhancing Products.

While the healthcare landscape has become challenging in the last two decades, practice stability and growth is still possible, especially for those doctors willing to put forth the effort to do three things:  (1) create an evidenced-based office, (2) develop reproducible clinical and business office systems, and (3) build solid relationships resulting in a referral-driven office.
To help those doctors who are presently struggling, or may want to grow, I began to offer an in-depth On-site Practice Analysis. In my opinion most DCs do NOT need lengthy consulting advice or to sign long-term and expensive contracts. Most DCs simply need a short-term, in-depth review, of their entire practice to jump-start and organize the practice in order to grow and reduce stress. We dive deep into all major business systems, interview the doctors and staff individually, review all financials and other reports, and develop a plan for you to implement. This results in a massive team-building and team-unifying exercise and places you on the path to a more fun and efficient practice.

Additionally, we can provide tools to consistently educate the public using accurate and quality healthcare information and research, thus becoming known as the “expert” in your community.  In that regard, ChiroLtd focuses on products designed by Doctors of Chiropractic, for Doctors of Chiropractic, in order to educate the public, and every facet of the medical and legal professions, about the health, wellness, and the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Quality education will naturally result in improved new and established patient volume. I genuinely believe the chiropractic community can use these materials to build a solid network of medical professionals, business and industry leaders, legislators, and patients who truly understand the importance of interprofessional cooperation.  Remember, it’s all about safe and effective patient care.  Implementing The Medical and Attorney Referral Systems strengthens relationships, thus your business, by debunking the myths still surrounding our profession.

The CHIROLtd product line offers a large research database, lectures and accompanying slides, an employee handbook development guide, turnkey bulletin board programs, research on many musculoskeletal-related ailments, and more. Our goal: to help you become the expert in your community and viewed as “the source” of accurate healthcare information.

Managed care not only forced everyone in medical practice to reassess how they do business, but t it resulted in an exciting union between medical and chiropractic doctors at a pace much faster than the working relationship between these two communities had been developing.  CHIROLtd products were designed to facilitate more cooperation between the Chiropractic and medical professions.
From those newly formed ties, the Chiropractic profession has been given a much larger field in which to network. I believe now is the best time in the history of Chiropractic to establish relationships from all corners of the medical community in addition to the lay public. The world seems finally ready to hear our message…but we must assume the role of messenger. If we do not get out and tell the Chiropractic/health and wellness story who will?

If your practice needs a boost, and you need a fresh start, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ronald J. Farabaugh, D.C.

CHIROLtd Founder-President/Owner


Ronald J. Farabaugh, D.C.

CHIRO Systems Founder-President/Owner

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