Your MD referral system has already paid for itself at least 10 times now. I currently receive 2-3 referrals from MD’s a month now which was up from 0. They were impressed with the research articles. Most did not even know there was research out there for Chiropractic Treatment. I also have received comments that I was the only Chiropractor they ever received a narrative report from. The only thing I did was follow your MD Referral system.

Your office forms also have been a great help, especially for workers compensation cases. I would highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to receive referrals from MD’s. and also receiving new patients at no advertising expense.
- Dr. Rich Elchert, D.C., Toledo, Ohio

Congratulations on a fine product, reflecting not only good advice but also a tremendous amount of
- David Chapman-Smith, Attorney, Canada

Dr. Farabaugh has put together a system that is not only great for business, but also for the chiropractic profession. It would take me 2 or 3 years to even begin to gather the information on the MRS disc. Thank you Ron for raising the bar, and providing a QUALITY product. I would have paid 10x’s the price for this information.
- Dr. Timothy Rhey, Rhey Healthcare Group, Inc, Chandler, AZ

If you’re interested in growing your practice with MD referrals, Dr. Ron Farabaugh has the answer. I have never seen such an organized program. This referral program walks you through everything you need to do in stimulating MD, DO referrals. The price is a bargain. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, buy this program and get started.
- Dr. James Vana, Moline, Illinois

I began improving my cash flow the very day I bought this program, by simply implementing two of the forms contained in documentation portion of The Medical Referral System. Financially, this program is no-brainer for every DC. It improved my documentation, reduced the hassle-factors, increased my income, and stimulated referrals!
- Dr. Larry Wilkin, Mt. Pleasant, PA

The information and communication exchange from The Medical Referral SystemTM is way ahead of anything else I have tried in the past. Referrals from medical professionals have always been the key to building a successful chiropractic practice long term. Once I received these materials from Dr. Farabaugh, I could not wait to implement them. I think his systematic approach is correct.
- Dr. Jan Martensen, Toledo, Ohio

As you educate the medical profession, it is amazing how they consider you as the authority figure in the chiropractic community.
- Dr. Dwaine Everett, Ohio

Dear Dr. Farabaugh,

About 1 ½ years ago, I got your “medical referral system“ and you asked for some kind of feedback. It really worked for me:

The doctors I worked with doubled / tripled their referrals. I worked with some 8 – 10 doctors – now I have more than 30 doctors on my list – out of some 300 we have in Bremen. That is 10 % of all G.P.`s and orthopaedic surgeons . Not bad. Off course there are some 300 more-but those are eye-ear-and other specialists I do not want to count…even though I should. Anyway, thank you for that !
- Dr. Markus Harbort, Bremen, Germany

I’ve got to say that I am quite impressed with the program that you put together for attorney and MD mailers. I have been doing this for some time with good success. However, your program takes the leg work out of it and makes it easier to implement. I have utilized MD newslettes from a few reputable sources, however each has run its course and then I had to create my own newsletters. This will make it easy.

For those doctors who have never implemented a program like this, your one CD provides a full practice management tool that too many doctors pay too much to hear a lot less from individual charismatic people in our profession. Your program has all the substance and tools at a reasonable price. My commendations.
- Dave Taylor, D.C., Massachusetts

I wanted to write to say how much I have enjoyed the ChiroLtd products. The MD system added to what I already was doing. The motivational inspirational quotes are displayed and many patients ask for copies. I like to read them to. Thanks also for the free PowerPoint presentations available on the www.chiroltd.com website. I will be using them for a talk tomorrow.
- Dennis Buckley, D.C., Pasadena, CA

We are very impressed with The Medical Referral System. We implemented the system on October 10, 2005 and currently furnish 25 doctors in our area with the material. We have had good response from the doctors and their staff. We also have received numerous referrals from these doctors and the referrals have become good patients.

The articles and material with each topic are very educational to the doctors, as well as to our staff. Thank you for your service and assistance you and your staff have provided to us.
- Dr. Ram Parikh, D.C., Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for all your help Dr. Ron. I cannot believe that three minor changes in my coding, billing and documentation systems could make such a difference to my cash flow! I finally feel like I’m doing it right. And I cannot thank you enough for helping me set up a medical and attorney referral system that actually works.
- Dr. Craig Oyler, Reynoldsburg, Ohio


Ronald J. Farabaugh, D.C.

CHIRO Systems Founder-President/Owner

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