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CHIRO Systems is happy to offer several documents and presentations free of charge to get you started on your journey to improving your own knowledge base and research awareness, which in turn can lead to improved patient care, and increased patient, medical, and attorney referrals.

** Medicare-Chiropractic Overutilization Allegation-Response: Exposing the errors in logic!!

** Safety of Chiropractic/Stroke/Informed Consent

The most popular presentations are #’s 1-6 below.  The presentations were not meant to be stand alone lectures, however the information contained within each presentation is invaluable for education purposes and can be used as a resource when you are planning a lecture or meeting.  Use the information as you wish.  You can edit at will with proper attribution to CHIRO Ltd.

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Cost Studies
  3. Drug Issues
  4. Soft Tissue Healing
  5. Spinal Manipulation
  6. Whiplash

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** Cost Effectiveness PowerPoints/Research

** Other Information:

** Personal Injury Section/Information:

** Other Important Articles/Documents

** Free resources from past lectures:

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  **   Research/Abstracts/Articles

  • The Sarnat/Winterstein/AMI studies from 2004 and 2007 can be obtained by visiting:  Simply conduct a search on “Sarnat” and you will be re-directed to both studies.

** Wellness Care Information:

** Philosophy

** Risk Management/Stroke/Informed Consent



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