ChiroLtd Documentation/Forms


This program was designed for today’s busy practitioners. The program contains an exceptionally efficient tri-fold travel card, and daily note taking system, and over 60+ research-based examination forms, documentation forms, and quality letters/reports, specifically designed to improve documentation while simultaneously saving you valuable time. Additionally, many of the forms are accompanied by the appropriate CPT codes that will improve your cash flow. All forms can be edited and customized to your office. Additionally, the forms are designed to reduce your stress by allowing you to streamline reports to medical professionals, using only minutes of your valuable time.

  • Patient letters, email welcome letter
  • Spinal and extremity examination forms, pain charts, visual analog form
  • Forms to improve medical professional communications including: Chiropractic prescription form, thank-you for the referral letters, initial and updated interim medical reports, referral for second opinion letter, referral for diagnostic tests letter, requests for massage, etc.
  • Case status forms including: discharge summary, clinical update form, therapeutic withdrawal
  • Consent to treat a minor
  • Informed consent
  • Insurance and other financial forms
  • Rehab and functional capacity evaluation forms
  • Waivers
  • HIPAA forms
  • Home treatment
  • Patient condition/diagnosis
  • Return to work
  • Treatment plan/recommendations
  • Work Comp history
  • X-ray report
  • Records transfer requests
  • Employee evaluation forms
  • Whiplash acute and chronic risk factors
  • Spinal care class form with accompanying CPT code