Public Lecture Series


This program saves you amazing amounts of time and money by providing a wealth of information in the form of PowerPoint programs and public lectures. This product provides you a massive amount of information at your fingers tips that not only allows you to educate your patients and/or audience, but helps keep you updated on important issues related to a wide variety of topics. The product includes the following:

23 separate PowerPoints with 1226 slides which summarize a massive amount of research. We made it really easy for you to remain current!

Research (2004-2006) 63
Chronic Pain Lecture 142
Charts/Art 4
NMS Lecture 279
Cost Studies: Short Ver 48
Cost Studies: Master 118
Cost Studies: Overview 47
Diagnostic Accuracy 15
Dangers of Drug 175
Edison Quote 3
Etiology of pain 25
Nutrition 15
Odds and Ends 7
Pain vs Function 15
PT abuse 4
Recurrent Nature of Pain 21
Research: Oldies but Goodies 63
Soft Tissue Healing 22
Spinal Manipulation 68
15 Highest Grossing Drugs 20
Whiplash 72


  • Healthcare vs. Disease Care lecture
  • Carpal Tunnel Lecture
  • Wellness Lecture
  • And a continually expanding library of public lecture topics designed to make you the “expert” in your community!