Safety Posters


The public deserves to know the truth about just what constitutes adequate training for those clinicians or axillary personnel who wish to provide spinal manipulative therapy. Chiropractic physicians are the most trained practitioners in the world regarding spinal manipulation. Chiropractic physicians also are thoroughly trained on both the use and interpretation of x-ray. Physical therapists, while performing a good service to the public, are grossly under-trained in both areas (spinal manipulation and radiology). Even those PTs who seek to become “Doctors” of Physical Therapy are grossly under-trained in both spinal manipulation and radiology. This is an issue of public safety, as well as technical proficiency. If the public knew that the training of the average PT consisted of only a class or two, setting up on a few patients, and watching the video, do you really believe they’d feel confident in utilizing the services of a PT for spinal manipulation? We think not, and we think your patients should be made aware of these issues.

These two posters, available in both black and white and color clearly show the importance of adequate training in:

  1. Radiology/Diagnosis
  2. Spinal manipulation