Spinal Care Class


A DC can literally build an entire practice on a solid foundation of referrals stimulated by a quality, evidence-based, spinal care class. This product shows you how to teach an inspiring class by “telling the chiropractic story” all while relating important research that every patient should know. An effective and inspiring class leads to improved compliance abundant referrals. Patients who attend class just “get it”. Just one hour per month can be the difference between success and failure in practice. EVERY DC should own this product and implement a class immediately. This product provides you everything you need to implement Spinal Care Class immediately.

  1. A video of an actual class for your own personal learning
  2. Handout for patients.
  3. Handout/notes for the DC.
  4. A PowerPoint for you to learn the system and mechanics of class.
  5. An audio so you can listen over and over in an effort to make it your own.
  6. All artwork and templates necessary for you to develop registration sheets, promo/marketing material, gift certificates, SCC tickets/reminders for patients, and CA tracking forms.