The Medical Referral System - Complete


The Medical Referral System™ is a proven strategy that shows doctors of chiropractic how to create a successful relationships with health professionals in their community. Compared to traditional chiropractic marketing concepts, The Medical Referral System™ offers a positive and  effective opportunity for establishing successful working relationships with medical professionals. Included are letters, research summaries, template reports for medical professionals, power points which highlight your office, and over 30+ helpful forms to ease the burden of documentation:

Review samples of the Medical Referral System


  1. Nearly 80 letters, including research summaries, to send to local medical professionals of all disciplines.
  2. 30+ Quickstar Documentation Forms related to communicating with medical professionals, reporting, and documentation that will improve case management and help better document your services. (therapeutic withdrawal form, ADL for home along with billable codes, discharge summary form, referral forms, thank you letters, patient update letters, etc.)
  3. Two complete PowerPoint templates that you customize to your office and then send to local medical professionals to introduce/educate them about Chiropractic and your office. Recommended text is provided, but can be modified by you.
  4. Implementation Manual to guide you through program implementation so you can improve relationships and generate referrals, improve your documentation and case management, thus improve the outcomes for the patients we serve.
  5. Case Study Template/example

No program like this exists anywhere else in the United States. If you desire to become the expert in your area, be a leader in evidence-based healthcare, and generate referrals from medical professionals, this program is a must!