Trial/Deposition Charts


(includes all files and audios)

Simply take these files to your local printer, blow them up and place them on core-board for a beautiful display for the jury, attorneys and/or judge. This presentation kit makes depositions fun, makes learning easy, and helps others understand soft tissue injury and goals of chiropractic-directed management! You can also place the files you receive on PowerPoint for a powerful presentation in court.

5 Separate Charts used to provide answers to the three most important questions:

  1. The Perception of Pain.
  2. How does spinal manipulation work?
  3. Three Stages of Healing. How do soft tissues heal?
  4. Why do some patients develop chronic pain? Neuroplasticity:       The Neurology of chronic pain.
  5. Manipulation vs. exercise.

These charts are accompanied by audio files so you hear the actual explanation of how to explain these concepts to a jury, in a deposition, to a claims manager, nurse, IME consultant, or patient. You have a VERY high potential to win the majority of your cases using these rock-solid, evidence-based, easy to understand explanations of these formerly complex issues. The jury will understand completely by the time you’re finished, leaving very little room for doubt. You will be the expert in your area if you first learn these concepts yourself, and become proficient in helping others understand them as well.